Primer esquema del mètode

We start the process with an idea, to study it and make it grow thanks to the scientific method.

Any idea that seeks to respond to a specific health and social challenge, designed to solve a problem or need arising from chronicity and dependence, requires a specific definition, accompaniment and application of scientific methodology to develop it and make it grow in the most accurate and correct way.

eHEALTHINKING is a platform of entrepreneurship aimed at joining synergies around these ideas. Universities, Health Care Centers and an ecosystem of companies and entities at the service of the design and development of health and social products and services.

Segon esquema del mètode

Specific training designed for health and social entrepreneurs.

A good development of a product or service in health or social requires the mastery of the characteristics of health products and the specificities of the associated research.

eHEALTHINKING accompanies you in the creation of your business plan, but also in the preparation of your research project, its defense before ethics committees, the development of simulations and other strategies for its evolution, and the implementation of concept tests, pilot tests, usability tests, clinical studies… everything you need to provide evidence and quality to your idea

Tercer esquema del mètode

Product or service development following LEAN start-up methodology.

A product or service focused on people requires continuous feedback and their direct participation to ensure its best development.

The eHEALTHINKING platform guarantees a development following the LEAN Start-up methodology adapted to health and social, continuously validating the evolution of your project both with health and social professionals and with real end users, from the first concept tests to the final improvements of its implementation.

Quart esquema del mètode

Direct contact with the quadruple helix in social health.

The ecosystem that is created around a person living with dependency or chronicity is very complex. It is often made up of caregivers (family members or professionals), friends, social and healthcare organizations, hospitals, health care, social services, companies in the health sector, associations… It is very important to take into account the globality of this ecosystem when developing a product or service that will have a positive impact on the person.

eHEALTHINKING connects the entrepreneur with the entire social and health ecosystem that exists around the challenge and the person concerned, ensuring an optimal flow of information for its development.

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With support from:

Departament d'Empresa
Cofinançat per la Uniço Europea

This initiative is part of the Programa Primer de Preaccleració 2023, granted by the Departament d'Empresa i Treball and co-financed by the European Social Fund Plus.

The eHEALTHINKING platform and the Business Angels en Salut i Social de Manresa/Bages (BAMB) group are initiatives supported by UManresa - Fundació Universitària del Bages, Campus Manresa de la Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya.

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